ASO Marketing

Increase your app visibility


ASO (App Store Optimisation) is the process of optimising your mobile application to improve organic results in app stores such as Google Play or App Stores. The ultimate goal is to improve your visibility to increase the number of downloads and installations of your app.

Improve your visibility
ASO Strategy for Android/iOS

My ASO Marketing


“More than 60% of users install apps after searching the app stores” (Forrester).
If you want users to find you, you need a good ASO positioning strategy.


Let's optimise the keywords you include in your Google Play and App Store tab.


Let's optimize your logo, screenshots and videos to increase your CTR and visibility.


Let's design a specific link strategy to increase your visibility.


Let's increase your ratings and improve the ratio of positive reviews.

My ASO services

ASO Audit

Analysis of your app visibility in the Google Play and App Store app stores. Growth opportunities and competitor analysis.

Keyword Research

Study of relevant keywords to your business objectives. Evaluation of your audience and potential markets.

App Stores Optimization

Communicate your brand’s USP and update titles and descriptions in the app store.

A/B Testing and Reports

A/B experiments to increase conversion and visibility. Constant monitoring of your app to adapt to market changes.

Grow your app

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ASO Marketing Benefits


Make your new users find your mobile app faster


Create brand awareness with your app


Increase the conversion rate of your app


Get new organic downloads


Attract new customers


Reach the top in your app category

I help you create

a Mobile Strategy

With over 3 million mobile apps in the app stores, making your app visible is a challenge. Now, in addition to SEO, it’s time to do ASO (App Store Optimisation). Don’t neglect your mobile customers and start preparing your ASO Marketing strategy now to increase your visibility and sales.

Luis Bueno. Freelance SEO Consultant with over 5 years experience in agency and in-house SEO.