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Freelance SEO Consultant

I am an SEO professional with over 5 years of agency and SEO-in-house experience. On-site and Off-site SEO consultant with analytical and ASO skills.

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My story or What do coffee, photos, and ASO have in common?

My bike seat had been stolen, I was soaking wet, I had been working for 12 hours and I was up to my ears in shit. I had just come off another day of work.

When I was 25 years old I graduated as Kitchen Porter in one of the best known pub chains in England. Thanks to my two degrees and my Master’s degree in Communication I was the first in my class.

After three months of learning about the benefits of Fairy soap and the dangers of rush-hour cooking, I decided that I had to reinvent myself. That night, when I came home at 3am and dried out, I decided to go for the change.

Not even the promotion from dishwasher to salads and sandwiches chef  made me change my mind. I was going to get a desk job. 8 hours sitting. No burns, no cuts, no apron.

💪 Make Luis Great Again 💪

After that day I got up an hour earlier every day to put out resumes.

My effort and tenacity paid off. The following month I started my new life as a waiter in one of the most important coffee shops in England (my curriculum is full of big companies).

– Good morning! How can I help? 

– Morning. Latte, decaf, skimmed milk.

– Here is your coffee sir. Have a nice day! 

After 1 month trial and getting my official Barista uniform I decided to get up early again. The free coffee was already there but I lacked the office atmosphere. I needed another job.

☕ Del café al English Breakfast tea pasando por el SEO ☕

After two more months of lattes, Americans and cappuccinos, the SEO knocked on my door. I was called in for an interview at a digital marketing agency. They were looking for a Spanish speaker. That’s what I was good at. Very good.

– So, you already know something about SEO and have worked on it before?

– Yes of course, I did an online course and in my master’s degree we had a complete module (2 hours, one day) on SEO.

– Okay, any more questions?

– Yes, do you offer me the job? (Seriously. I asked this literally) 

That same afternoon I was sent the contract as Off-Site SEO Executive. That same afternoon I called anyone in my schedule who knew about SEO and started looking for what was SEO.

In the first week of office, I understood only 20% of what my manager, originally from Bradford, asked me. Enough to know that it was my turn to continue studying in order to progress in SEO.

Things didn’t go badly. After 6 months, my salary increased. Within a year I was teaching other innocent souls like mine the SEO dream.

After two years, I made the jump to the technical SEO department. The agency’s popular ones. The ones that bring the money. The ones who had taken away my rookie of the year award at the company’s Christmas dinner.

The technical SEO is one more level. You have to know about html, copywriting, Google and analysis. In short, you have to know about SEO. How do you learn? By reading a lot, asking, working and screwing up. In that order.

Although it was difficult, I managed to reach an acceptable level. I stopped being a burden to my colleagues and I started to get on with my tasks. I was already a Senior SEO Executive.

And because I was a Senior, because I knew about technical SEO and because I spoke Spanish (I am very good at it) I was offered a SEO in-house job in London.

On the last day at the agency, I brought donuts and prepared a ‘Perfect Pot of Tea’ for my colleagues. Straight to the heart.

In-house SEO

In my new SEO job I was the specialist. The one who knew most about SEO. The one who had to explain what SEO was to the bosses. Outside my department, SEO was simply magic. Welcome to the in-house SEO.

1 year later, 13 web migrations behind my back and a few audits, my manager called me for a 121 meeting.

Boss: Congratulations Luis, we are going to promote you to Technical SEO Manager.

My mind: London is more expensive than I thought. I pay 200 pounds for the metro and 1500 for rent…

Boss: And we’ll give you a raise.

My mind: Good Luis, good!

Me: Thanks boss.

As SEO Manager I am responsible for creating a SEO strategy, preparing performance reports, coordinating with other departments and continuing to explain to others that SEO is not magic. It is a long term process, based on marginal gains and brings in 25% of total sales.

You sweat more without a camera

Sometimes the film runs out, or the company gets bought out, or the top bosses leave en masse and, well, you say thank you and move on.

In January, I switched to the sports industry. Not too bad, I thought, I work and get “ripped”. I was hired by Decathlon.

I did their training week selling in-store and became the SEO & ASO manager.

🎾 Respect to all those who bust their backs placing products, only for others to leave them scattered all over the store 🎾

In the end, like the gym in January, my stint there didn’t last until Christmas. And it wasn’t for a lack of commitment. I learned a lot leading a team, crafting the SEO strategy, and I loved working with people from all over the world.

I left without noticing a new fibre or muscle, but very grateful to everyone who welcomed and helped me there. Again, I’m sorry and thank you. It’s not in my nature to leave so quickly.

📱From running and jogging to matching and crushing 📱

In June 2022, King made me an offer that even Don Corleone couldn’t refuse. I could return home as a Senior ASO Specialist.

After so many years, I said goodbye for now to SEO and found myself in my first job 100% focused on ASO. And in gaming.

Now I see the sun in the morning, do my shopping at Mercadona, and have reached level 50 in Candy Crush.

The road ahead is filled with KPIs, A/B Tests, and visibility scores, but with clear skies, the future looks much more promising.

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Luis Bueno. Freelance SEO Consultant with over 5 years experience in agency and in-house SEO.